Why should I replace my existing heating or air conditioning system?

You may wish to consider replacing your air conditioning or heating system if it is old, inefficient or in need of repair. Today’s systems are as much as 60% more efficient than those systems manufactured as little as ten years ago. In addition, if not properly maintained, wear and tear on a system can reduce the actual or realized efficiency of the system. If you are concerned about utility bills or are faced with an expensive repair, you may want to consider replacing your system rather than enduring another costly season or paying to replace an expensive component. The utility cost savings of a new unit may provide an attractive return on your investment. If you plan on financing the purchase, the monthly savings on your utility bill should be considered when determining the actual monthly cost of replacing a system. The offsetting savings may permit you to purchase a more efficient system.

What is involved in replacing an old HVAC system?

Trust Home Services makes replacing your old HVAC system simple. The first step in changing your older equipment is selecting the most appropriate size unit to match your home. We then assess your older equipment to determine what parts need to be supplied or replaced. Some of the items may include: ductwork, insulation, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, thermostat, condensate piping, flue piping, flue terminations, chimney liner, slabs, filter, driers, registers, grills, drain pans and evaporator coil. After these determinations are made our representative will price out your new unit and complete an energy assessment which will give you some expectations of the cost vs savings for your new equipment. Finally, we will schedule an installation date at a time of your choosing.

How long can I expect a new system to last?

If you have a qualified technician perform regular preventive maintenance and service suggested for your unit, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 12-15 and a gas furnace should last as many as 15-20 years.

Why should I rent my HVAC equipment?

Renting is by far the most cost-effective method for purchasing an upgrade because you avoid all the costly up-front costs of an outright right purchase. Let the saving offset the cost of the unit rather than your wallet. Renting allows you to take advantage of low monthly payments added directly to your local utility bill. All of our rental programs come with full coverage for any service requirement 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Renting also give you the flexibility to transfer payments in the event that you sell your home.

What is R410A?

R-410A is the common name for an emerging hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) that is being used as a refrigerant in the HVAC industry for air conditioning. R-410A is more environmentally friendly than R-22 and is seen as the best replacement for R-22. Trust Home Services only installs Air Conditioners with R410A refrigerant.