Nobody wants to hear those fateful words, “It’s time to replace your central heating and cooling system.” Unfortunately, change is inevitable. No matter its longevity, your time with your beloved heating and cooling systems will eventually come to an end.

The good news is that Trust Home Services not only offers a wide range of dependable home comfort systems to meet your exact needs; but we also provide our customers with a number of flexible payment options to meet their budget.

Consumer Financing is among these flexible options and is readily available to qualified homeowners. Why dip into savings you may have put aside for another purpose, add to an existing credit card balance or even consider a home equity line of credit? As a trusted dealer we can quickly deliver flexible financing terms and competitive interest rates when you need them most.

How It Works

Potentially with a nominal incremental increase in the monthly payment, you could purchase our reliable high-efficiency indoor comfort system. You can realize uncompromised indoor comfort throughout your home, recurring savings on your monthly energy bill and possibly a potential increase in the value of your home.

What does it include?


We will provide installation at a time of your choosing. All of our technicians are TSSA certified ensuring you receive the red carpet treatment from the beginning of your assessment, to the end of your installation.

No Down Payment

No up-front cost is required, getting your upgrading is as simple as calling us up and scheduling a consultation.

Competitive Interest rates

Take advantage of our low interest rates, nearly have that of a credit card interest payment. Why consider a line of credit when our financing options are the lowest in the market?


Our units come with a comprehensive warranty covering parts for the lifetime of your unit giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Low Monthly Payments

We make payment processing easy by conveniently adding the monthly payments to your local utility bill so there’s no extra payment processing for you.

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