Air Conditioning

It’s all about comfort. Not just the comfort your new equipment will bring on those hot, humid days, but the comfort of getting new equipment hassle free. For some, air conditioning may be a luxury, but for many, it is a necessity. Given the expense of the equipment and the power to run it, we want to help you make the most informed decision. Choosing the right equipment is an important decision and one you’ll benefit from for many years to come.

Our Advantages

Money Saver

Having a high efficiency air conditioner can drop your energy consumption by up to 30%. This will save you a considerable amount on your utility bills and can potentially offset the cost of your unit.


All new air conditioners come with R-410a refrigerant; an environmentally friendly substitute for Freon which is a harmful refrigerant for the environment.


Yup! You guessed it, we will provide a comprehensive warranty for the lifetime of your unit giving you the peace of mind you need.


In appreciation for doing business with us, we will provide you with free installation. Our highly trained team of professionals will ensure you receive quality service.


Our energy auditors will help you select the appropriate size unit to accommodate your home; they will then help you select the best location for installation.

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