When it comes to purchasing a new furnace, it’s all about comfort. Not just the comfort your new furnace will bring on those cold winter days, but the comfort of knowing your saving money. Purchasing a new furnace should be a smooth process that you feel good about. It is an investment in your home and your health. Stay warm and be confident knowing you’re in good hands with Trust Home Services.

Our Advantages

Money Saver

With a high efficiency unit, 96 cents of every dollar spent toward your utility bill is converted to heat. With a lower model, 30 cents or more of every dollar is wasted. In a cold environment, energy savings with a high efficient unit will often offset the cost of the upgrade making it a worthwhile investment.


All of our furnaces have a lifetime heat exchanger warranty which is the main component of a furnace. You can rely on us to cover this component for life giving you the peace of mind you need.


In appreciation for doing business with us, we will provide free installation at a time of your choosing. All of our technicians are TSSA certified ensuring you receive the red carpet treatment from the beginning of your assessment, to the end of your installation.


Upon assessment, our energy auditors with provide you with suggestions of heating options that are best suited for your needs. Having the correct unit will prevent you from having cold spots in your home and instead help you maintain a consistent temperature.


Older piping is known to potentially crack and leak carbon monoxide when heated to a certain temperature causing a safety hazard. Upgrading will essentially eliminate this hazard while reducing carbon emissions.

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