Heating Protection Plans

A protection plan is a preventative measure for when things go wrong with your heating equipment. Avoid the hassle of scrambling to find a repair person when something goes wrong in your home and instead take the proactive preventative approach to ensure your expensive unit is covered.

A breakdown always happens when you least expect it and can be very costly. Replacing a faulty blower motor alone can cost you $600-700 dollars; so make sure you take advantage of our 24/7-365 days per year coverage to ensure you and your family are never left out in the cold.

Our large network of certified technicians are on call around the clock to be there when you need it the most. We offer both the basic heating protection plan as well our more comprehensive heating protection plan plus. Contact us by phone or use our contact form for a free quote.

Our plan includes

Unlimited Service Calls – No matter how many times you run into issues with your heating equipment, just give us a call and we’ll be there to take care of it.

24/7 Priority Service – Our in house support centre is available 24/7 365 days per year to take your calls in the event of an emergency.

Certified Technicians on Demand – By joining our protection program you will have access to over 100 highly-trained, licensed technicians.

Coverage on Most Parts & Labour – Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your protected from additional expenses.

No Deductible & Zero Upfront Costs – We make signing up quick, easy, and very accessible.

Peace-of-Mind – You will never worry about being left in the cold.

Increase Efficiency and Lifespan of Your Furnace – Properly maintained equipment will last longer and perform better at peak seasons.

Our Heating Home Protection Plan Plus includes everything Mentioned in our basic plan plus

Annual Maintenance – Regular service will help to prevent any issues before they occur.

Nest Thermostat – This thermostat uses cutting edge technology to learn about your house. It measures things like how long it takes to warm up, how drafty it is, and what the weather’s like. It also learns about your heating system and how to make it even more efficient. So while you turn your thermostat up or down, Nest Sense algorithms are figuring out a thousand things in the background and redefining what a thermostat can be.

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