Water Treatment

Water is indispensable for human health and well-being; there can be no life on Earth without water. In fact, the human body is composed of 70% water. However, that same water can do harm to your body if not purified. Unfiltered water contains chlorine, fluoride, dioxins, parasites, etc. those could be hazardous to your health. At Trust Home Services, we offer high quality water purification systems to give you and your family, on-demand access to purified water.

With so many options available the decision to install a water treatment system can be overwhelming which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our cost free assessment and have one of our highly trained professionals determine your needs with a comprehensive water test.

Making you feel confident about the investment you are making is important to us, which is why we offer flexible payment options including purchasing, renting or financing, giving you the flexibility to choose a payment plan that works best for your budget.

Our water treatment systems include :

Water Softeners

Hard water can be tough to live with. All of those unwanted minerals found in hard water could increase soap scum on sinks, bath tubs, hands, hair and laundry. Get softer skin, enjoy brighter laundry, and protect your plumbing with our water softener products.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are most effective in removing organic contaminants from water (often responsible for taste, odour and colour problems). Our highly efficient carbon filters are guaranteed to improve the quality of your water.

Reverse Osmosis’

While today’s tap water may be drinkable, it may not always taste great. Our reverse osmosis system is simple way to make sure that your family has safe, great tasting and clean water to drink on demand.

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