Water Softeners

Water is a basic necessity of life. We require it for our daily existence and survival. The quality of water we consume is often unsafe putting our home, health and money at risk. More often than not, water found around the world particularly in Canada and the US is what we call “hard water” which contains harmful mineral particles of magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, lead and limestone. This water may also be contaminated from sewage and other industrial run-offs depending on where you are. Unfortunately, more people now depend on the use of hard water rather than live without it. Why not improve the quality of your water? The process of eliminating the impurities on hard water is called water softening, where the minerals are dissolved then cleared from your your home.

Our Advantages

Money Saver

Almost 25% of every dollar you spend will be on cleaning products which is a considerable amount. With a softer water you wont require as many cleaning products. Cleaner water can also help you save you up to 65% on your water bill.

Less Maintenance

No matter how often you fix your pipes, they will still keep on clogging. Well, the blame can be put on your water. Houses like yours use hard water loaded with calcium and magnesium, which tend to form particles that block the supply of water. Water softeners eliminate and dissolve these particles preventing your pipes from clogging.

Fresher Clothing

Hard water will shorten the lifespan of your cloths and make them feel uncomfortable. Water softeners will improve the quality of your washes making your clothes feel and look brand new.


As usual, all of our water softener units include a comprehensive warranty for the lifetime of the unit providing you with peace of mind.

Better Skin and Hair

A water softener makes your skin softer and your hair healthier by flushing bacteria away and keeping your skin and hair in good condition. You can now say goodbye to skin and hair irritations, and say hello to a new and fresh-looking you.

Better Tasting

Our whole house water softeners will remove the unpleasant taste and smell of your drinking water. It will cancel out mineral contents and replenish it with healthy, odorless yet great-tasting drinkable water.

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